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Protected Landscape Area Bohemian Paradise

Protected landscape area Bohemian Paradise is the oldest large protected area in the Czech Republic. It is a natural heritage with a composition of many genuine sceneries, such as Hruboskalsko rock town, deep forests, or system of ponds carefully placed in the surrounding countryside. In addition the characteristic landscape scenery is completed with many popular castles and chateaus, forming scenes from the classic fairy tales or historical movies.

Natural attractions

Among the most famous natural attractions belong the Bohemian Paradise sandstone rock massifs.
Furthermore, there are numerous romantic prospects, extensive forests, lakes and other attractions.

Hruboskalsko Rock Town

The proverbial sandrock city with more than 400 towers, reaching heights of up to 55 m, offers a beautiful walk. Rows of beautiful prospects of the large massif Devil’s Hand (Certova Ruka) with archeological discoveries of prehistoric settlement. Tours of the rocks can be combined with a visit to the Chateau Hruba Skala, Castle Valdstejn or Sedmihorky Spa.
Approximate distance: 3 km
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Prachovské Rocks

Prachovské rocks belong to such areas of the Czech Republic, which each of us has a little bit of consciousness. They are part of the way we perceive our country, they are one of the places we have been going to school trips since childhood just like in the National Museum, the National Theater.
Approximate distance: 20 km
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Prihrazske Rocks - Drabske svetnicky

Prihrazske rocks belong to such areas of Czech Republic, which every Czech is aware of. They are part of how we Czechs perceive our country, and is one of the places where we go for school trips since childhood, like the National Museum, National Theater.
Approximate distance: 25 km


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